Reservations may be made up to one year in advance and is available on a first come, first served basis.  A calendar showing hall availability may be viewed at .  Hall availability as shown on the calendar is subject to any prior rental agreement.

A damage / security deposit is required for all hall rentals at the time the Rental Agreement is signed.  All checks are cashed and deposited upon receipt.  Checks will not be held and post-dated checks are not acceptable.  In the event that damage exceeds the security deposit, the BOC may assess additional charges.  The hall will be inspected by the Hall Manager or a BOC representative after completion of the event and clean-up.  If the hall is found to be in satisfactory condition, the Hall Manager and Renter copy of the hall rental agreement will be approved for full refund.  A refund check for the damage / security deposit will be mailed to the Renter of the hall within ten (10) business days.  If the hall is found to be unsatisfactory, the Hall Manager and Renter copy of the hall rental agreement will be annotated in the comments section with description of unsatisfactory condition and disposition of the damage / security deposit (e.g. additional costs deducted from refund).

A rental deposit of $400.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE) is required at the time the Rental Agreement is signed. The balance of the total rental fees is due no less than 60 days prior to the event. Payments paid towards the “balance due” will be forfeited if the event is cancelled and we are not notified a minimum of 60 days in advance.

In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be made no later than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to a scheduled event. Cancellations made less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to a scheduled event are subject to the loss of the rental deposit. Cancellations made less than sixty (60) days prior to a scheduled event are subject to loss of the damage / security deposit and the rental deposit.

Renter is responsible for clean-up of the hall at the conclusion of the rental that includes removal of all items, food, beverage, tablecloths, table decorations, trash pick-up, removal of decorations, removal of trash to outside dumpsters, and stack chairs on tables. The hall should be left in the condition it was found. Failure to clean-up hall will result in forfeiture of damage / security deposit.

No decorations are allowed on walls, ceilings, or lighting fixtures. The use of cellophane, adhesive tape, nails, staples, screws, etc. is not permitted. If masking tape is used, it must be removed at the end of the rental. Any decorating, covering, or changes to the facility should be discussed at time of the rental agreement submission with the representative of the BOC and put in writing as part of the rental agreement. The use of tables, chairs, and other equipment is available for use within the hall. The tables and chairs may not be moved outside of the hall. Placement, relocation, or arrangement of equipment other than tables and chairs is not permitted. Outside tables and chairs may be brought into the hall by the Renter subject to approval by the BOC. All decorations shall be put up and taken down during the hours specified in the rental agreement. Advance setup of decorations and other items outside of the time specified in the rental agreement is not allowed unless approved by the rental representative of the BOC.

The maximum capacity of the hall is 310 people and the Renter agrees not to exceed this limit.

Renter must identify type of function (i.e. wedding reception, private party, social organizations, meetings, etc.) will be held during hall rental. Rental of the hall by an individual or company for a company activity or function or for a profit making activity must be approved in advance by the BOC. If proceeds from an activity are being raised for a charity, the charity must be identified in advance on the hall rental agreement and approved by the BOC.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the hall.  Non-compliance can result in forfeiture of damage / security deposit.  Gambling is prohibited.

No animals are permitted inside the hall (except for Seeing Eye dogs), except as part of a program authorized in advance by a representative of the BOC.

Any person violating the established rules and regulations or constituting a nuisance may be requested to leave the hall and grounds.  Misuse of the hall shall be sufficient reason for terminating the agreement.  IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THE BOC, Bishop O’Hara Corporation, ITS OFFICIALS, OFFICERS, AND/OR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS, INJURIES, ILLNESS, ACTS OF GOD, OR OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS, OR LOSS OF GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY RELATING TO THE USE OF THE O’Hara Event Hall.

Thirty-One (31) – 8′ rectangle tables

One (1) – 5″ round table.

Yes, with additional charge.  The kitchen has a stove with oven (used for warming only), refrigerator, and walk-in refrigerator that are available with an additional charge of $75.00.

Yes unless additional hours are agreed upon in advance and are shown on rental agreement.

Setup can be scheduled in advance (subject to prior availability of the hall) at a $100/hr (per hour or any part of an hour).  The setup hours must be scheduled at time of rental and shown on the Hall Rental Agreement.

You are allowed to bring in wine and liquor but it must be served by a hall bartender in accordance with the Hall Rental Agreement.  Beer cannot be brought into an event.  Keg beer is available for purchase from the Hall.

Everything that you bring in must be removed at end of event (no storage available).  All trash must be removed to dumpster at end of event.  Chairs must be folded and stacked on tables.  No sweeping or mopping is required but reasonable cleanup is appreciated.

Cleaning must be completed and the hall vacated according to signed contract.

No sequins, glitter, confetti, or sand and bubbles are not allowed in the hall or on outside grounds.  Any decorations put on the wall must be anchored using painters tape or teacher putty.  Tables must be covered.

See the Hall Rental Agreement on this website.

A security officer is required if any alcohol is consumed.  The cost of the security officer is the responsibility of the Renter.  The Renter must contact the Kansas City Police at 816-xxx-xxxx.

Please call the Bishop O’Hara Event Hall at 816-966-1492 and speak with the Hall Rental Coordinator.  To reserve the hall, you must complete the Hall Rental Rules, Hall Rental Agreement, and pay the $350.00 Security / Damage deposit and $400.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE) Facilities Deposit rental fees.

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